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Where Is The Consistency!?!

      I am sure I am not alone when I say I have a lot going on and my plate seems to remain full on  daily basis. Sometimes we get so caught up our everyday life, or unexpected changes from day to day that seemingly requires our time. When these things happen to me, I take a step back and ask myself the following questions: how would I get to do anything that causes me to become weary, if not for Jesus? Where would I be if He didn't take the time to wake me up and live another day? How could I get out of bed if God didn't command my limbs to move so that I could walk? It's still the grace and mercy of God that allows me to become tired, weary, overwhelmed, etc. I all these things to bring in  perspective God's undeniable power and presence in every aspect of our lives, that we often times take for granted and or neglect to recognize we are nothing without our Savior nor are able to function without His command.


Consistency in Christ helps us to maintain and strength our relationship with God. This in turns allows a Christian to be more effective in the Body of Christ.  No one wants to deal a "sometimey" person ie someone you never know if they are for you are against you, which is widely knowas inconsistency or and can  lead to instability.  We should be acknowledging God in everything that we do. God is a jealous God (Exodus 20:5) and wants the attention that He is worthy of. So don't push God to the side because you are busy, don't limit your time with Him because of worldly concerns or duties because the time you spend with Him in meditation and prayer will allow you to gain the wisdom and time you need to continue on this earthly journey while you gain spiritual strength. Proverbs 9:10 says, The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.We must take time with God in order to gain the understanding of His Holy Word and then learn to implement it in our lives consistently.

What an honor it is to have a God that doesn't doesn't treat us the way we treat Him, knowingly or unknowingly. We serve a faithful God who remains the same and is always there through the good and the bad!! We must learn to do the same and give Him the same recognition and praise no matter what storms that come our way. Even when there are no storms, make sure that the commitment and consistency remains strong, which in turn will strengthen your walk and your relationship with The Father! If you do something for someone, you at least want a thank you in return; well God wants the same and we show that by learning what He requires and executed them according to His word.

As a Christisan and a child of God it got challenging sometime to maintain consistency in out walk with God. Being constantly distracted by things going on in our life we can sometimes rearrange the position of Lord in our lives. However and whatever circumstances that come our way, we have to make a way to make time for what should be the most important person in our lives. There will be temptations and the enemy will tempt you to fall and give into the darkness, but God is the Guiding light and has sent us THE LIGHT of JESUS to help ups through the dark days. Nonetheless, if there is a lack of consistently in your life the light you see may be dim and and cause you to go furthur off course because of inconsistency spiritually. If we do not sit with the Father or talk with the Son, it gives the enemy the little room he needs to bring distractions in our lives. This is where God wants the consistency to replace the distractions that is always circling around us. See being God gave us the example of consistency in Psalms 46:1 which states "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." This gave the affirmation that not only did God show His consistency toward His children then, but he reassured in the same scripture that he was there, will be there, and always be there. The reassurance of God’s continuity gives us more that what we need to be dedicated and committed to His command in our lives.