Above & Beyond Ministries

       "A New Vision ... Above & Beyond the Natural Order of Things"

 Above & Beyond Ministries has been equipped by God through His word to  help equip others to become disciples and make disciples. Understanding, that discipleship isn't a choice, but a command that God has given to each of us as we grow individually as diligent and obedient disciples. However, before we can make, strengthen, & teach others, we must first strengthen, gain wisdom, and discipline ourselves so that God can use us as disciples. This ministry has been called to stand out, and God has positioned us as sheep among wolves, as we stand fearlessly and walk confidently following The Shepherd. Our goal is simply to please God, the Father and to  lead the out of darkness teaching and guiding them to The Light. And strengthen those who are weak, as well as encourage those lacking motivation. For that assignment we understand that in the body of Christ, God needs us to help one another, teach each other and that will bring unity will in turn cause us yo be on one accord. Dealing with His children accordingly, God is looking to get our attention so that He can give us direction by gaining our focus; in other words He doesn't deal with all of His children the same way because we are not the same. We are a Ministry of Movement and outreach & are always recruiting volunteers to help strengthen the Body of Christ.